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Master of Arts in Politics & Policy-Making

Graduate Program

Master of Arts in Psychology

American University of Athens

School of Liberal Arts

The mission of the Liberal Arts graduate program is to prepare students in online and/or open learning programs for responsible careers in contemporary society by introducing them through concentrated studies to systematic knowledge and academic learning in Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication and Arts. Liberal Arts Studies and experiences lead to an understanding of people, their history, literature, and philosophy; their social and political systems; and their relationship to our social organization. 

This requires that the student develops competence in skills of rigorous analytical and critical thinking, and appreciation of the wisdom, judgment, and perspective of a liberally educated person. Hence, the Liberal Arts curricula emphasize the pursuit of academic excellence and are committed to the proposition that a respect for learning helps develop a respect for people and for moral and democratic living.

Masters Degree Programs

Politics &
International and
Maritime Law
Post-Roman Middle Eastern Studies
Organizational Leadership

Why Study At AUA?

Why Choose AUA?

The American University was established in 1982 for the public benefit and today is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, the American University of Athens has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector of higher education.

The student’s university experience will be powerfully rewarding. The rewards will come not only in intellectual satisfaction, but also in philosophical enrichment and in the benefits of social life.

The American University of Athens has over 18,755 Graduate Alumni over 95 different countries.

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