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We are thrilled to reconnect with our graduates and to celebrate the success and achievements of our alumni community. As an alumnus of our institution, you are part of a vast network of individuals who share a common experience and a lifelong bond with our institution.

Our Alumni page is designed to help you stay connected with your alma mater, to provide you with valuable resources and information, and to help you engage with fellow alumni from all around the world.

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The AUA community is a widespread network made up of over 18,000 alumni in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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Alumni Stories & Members

Harry Theocharis

(Former Greek Minister of Tourism, MP Hellenic Parliament; fmr. Director of Public Revenue) Class of ‘88; Meng (Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine MEng, Software Engineering (Hon) 

Dimitris Efraimoglou

Managing Director, Foundation for the Hellenic World; Chairman & CEO,  Master of Science, Computer Science, Boston University. 

Harry Theocharis

Architect, METKA S.A.

Nanssia Fragoudaki

Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Technology at Point72; COO, Electronic Trading Controls framework and as the Secretary to the Automated.Trading Controls Committee; fmr. Managing Director, Goldman Sachs (2011 – 2017). MS in Operations Research from Stanford University

Panagiotis (Panos) Petratos Ph.D

Professor, Computer Information Systems(CIS), Department of Management Information Systems, California State University, Stanislaus. Executive Education in Advanced Management Development Program, Harvard University;. Ph.D. in CIS, University of Bedfordshire

Petros S. Kokkalis

Member of European Parliament; Vice President, Kokkalis Foundation; Secretary General of Organization Earth, an environmental education NGO, M.P.A., John F. Kennedy School of Government,  Harvard University

Vera Khvashchevskaya

Solicitor/Legal consultant at Marfin Investment Group, LLM, City University of London

Margareth Ghalo

Expert, United Nations Office on Drugs & Crime; Founder, Margareth Galho & Associates (Law Firm,  Angola); Legal Expert, Law of the Sea, Energy (Oil & Gas), Member of the International Bar Association; Ship Arrested Network. ITLOS NIPPON Fellows; Expert, UNODC; Book Author – The West Africa Maritime Boundaries

Miltiadis Sougioultzoglou MD

NEUROSURGEON, Hygeia Hospital, Boston University School of Medicine, Doctor of Medicine (MD)

Margareth Ghalo

MP, Hellenic Parliament; Journalist;   (newspapers, magazines and radio stations as an editor, editor-in-chief, managing editor and consulting editor); fmr. Director of Press Office, New Democracy

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