School of Business Administration

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

American University of Athens

School of Business Administration

The mission of the Business Administration curricula is to provide an online and/or open learning educational opportunity for a broad spectrum of students so that they may develop the necessary skills to become effective members of the business communities in Europe, especially Southeastern Europe, and thus prepare them for meaningful and productive roles in society. The primary objective of the Business Administration curricula is to provide a comprehensive program of traditional and continuing education normally leading to undergraduate degrees in business. The various programs provide an environment within which the individual student can develop his/her potential. Additionally, the programs aim to serve the needs of the local, national, European, and multinational business firms and organizations comprising the Southeastern Europe business community.

The undergraduate business program is divided into three departments, all offering a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with various concentrations available

Department of Accounting, Economics, & Finance

Majors Offered


Department of Management

Majors Offered

Shipping Management
Real Estate Management
Hotel Management
Management Science & Quantitative Methods
Travel and Tourism Management
Marine Operations Management​
Human Resources Management

Department of Marketing & General Business

Majors Offered

International Business
General Business

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Why Choose AUA?

The American University was established in 1982 for the public benefit and today is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, the American University of Athens has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector of higher education.

The student’s university experience will be powerfully rewarding. The rewards will come not
only in intellectual satisfaction, but also in philosophical enrichment and in the benefits of
social life.

The American University of Athens has over 18,755 Graduate Alumni over 95 different countries.

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