School of Liberal Arts

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor's Degree in Political Science

Undergraduate Program

Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations

American University of Athens

School of Liberal Arts

The mission of the Liberal Arts curricula is to prepare students in online and/or open learning programs for responsible careers in contemporary society by introducing them through concentrated studies to systematic knowledge and academic learning in Humanities, Social Sciences, Communication and Arts. Liberal Arts Studies and experiences lead to an understanding of people, their history, literature, and philosophy; their social and political systems; and their relationship to our social organization. This requires that the student develops competence in skills of rigorous analytical and critical thinking, and appreciation of the wisdom, judgment, and perspective of a liberally educated person. Hence, the Liberal Arts curricula emphasize the pursuit of academic excellence and are committed to the proposition that a respect for learning helps develop a respect for people and for moral and democratic living.

Humanities Department

The Humanities Department which offers concentrations in Philosophy and English Literature assumes that its broad spectrum of courses provides the individual with the means for a holistic approach to self development. The curriculum strives to balance a student’s prospects for a successful career with those for intellectual and personal growth – a dynamic interaction of thinking, being and doing. The Humanities curriculum encourages the development of critical powers and respect for tradition and human reason. It promotes not only intellectual disciplines, but the search for personal values and convictions. By offering its students a curriculum of wide philosophical and literary scope, it frees its students from the assumption that what one does, in a narrow professional sense, is what one is, and educates them for the task of living full and multi-dimensional lives. The curriculum allows the students to explore many ideas within a structured framework. It demands from the student a thorough acquaintance with one concentrated area of learning and an understanding of the perennial, social and moral problems that confront modern society.

Majors & Minors Offered

English Literature

Social Sciences Department

The Social Sciences curriculum contributes to a general understanding of human behavior as it manifests itself in human groups in social interaction, in political institutions and in social, economic and cultural contexts. By offering its students’ concentrations in such social sciences as Sociology, Psychology, Political Science and History, it provides them with an understanding of the scientific procedures for systematically observing facts about behavior and for organizing these facts into generalizations, or laws, that seek to explain why human beings act as they do. Furthermore the Social Sciences are a means of promoting human welfare, a body of information that can be applied to help solve a variety of individual and group problems.

Majors Offered

Political Science

Communication Department

Communication has to do with seeking, interpreting, and transmitting information to people through the means of the mass media. Our impressive ability today to send messages instantaneously across vast distances and to arouse similar feelings in millions of people simultaneously is so familiar to us all that it is easy to regard it with nonchalance. Despite this, the reality is that the capacity of people to share messages with others has had a truly powerful effect on the development of thought, behavior and culture. The Communication curriculum offers concentrations in Journalism, and Public Relations.

Majors Offered

Public Relations

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The American University was established in 1982 for the public benefit and today is recognized globally. Throughout our great history, the American University of Athens has offered access to a wide range of academic opportunities. As a world leader in higher education, the University has pioneered change in the sector of higher education.

The student’s university experience will be powerfully rewarding. The rewards will come not
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The American University of Athens has over 18,755 Graduate Alumni over 95 different countries.

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